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Telephone ordering:
Local: 206-545-8892
Toll Free: 1-877-778-4869

Email: orders at dandelionbotanical.com

or visit our store (here are some pictures) at

Dandelion Botanical Company
5424 Ballard Ave NW Suite 103
Seattle, Washington 98107

Methods of Payment:
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as checks (allow time for them to clear) and money orders. We also accept PayPal payments, however, please be aware that using that method the money is transferred immediately - that is how PayPal works. If you used PayPal, and you cancel your order before we ship it out, we will refund your money in full. Also, we do not accept PayPal for international orders (because the shipping does not get added to the order until we process it).

Special Orders:
Special orders are charged at the time of your order, and are non-refundable.

Most orders of in-stock items are sent out in 1-3 business days via the U.S. Postal Service. Although we usually ship within 1-3 days, Please allow 5-21 business days for delivery. Most orders arrive within 3-5 days, but weather, weekends, shipping distance, and holidays can add to the delivery time. The minimum shipping charge is $5.20.

Being a "brick and mortar" store with an online-ordering system, we accept web based orders at any time, however, due to our scheduling and USPS hours of operation, for fastest delivery times order before noon on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Ordering on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday may add a day to delivery because of our scheduling and the post office is closed when we would be able to ship.
We do not ship via FEDEX or UPS or other independent carriers.
We do not do overnight shipping or specialty handling - we simply do not have the staffing to do that.

Back Orders:
Due to the nature of botanicals, we occasionally have supply fluctuations and may be unable to complete your order. In these cases, we ship the part of the order that we can fill, and back order the other part. We note it on your receipt, proceed with the back order and ship it as soon as possible. Please note: we sometimes get email delivery problems due to spam filtering by your email service, it may take one or two days for us to get an email delivery failure notice. When that happens, we try to forward our original email via another account. We do not charge for back ordered products until we have them ready to ship [Unless you used PayPal as your payment method. See above "Methods of Payment"] and do not charge shipping for the back ordered product.

International Orders:
Please provide your email so we can contact you with shipping charges.
We do not accept PayPal for international orders (because the shipping does not get added to the order until we process it).

Return Policy:
We take returns for products purchased from Dandelion Botanical Company only. Our limit is 30 days for gift items and unopened bottled and encapsulated products in the same condition in which they left the store. "Unopened" means that any and all security seals or wrappings must be completely intact, not simply that the bottle has not been opened. They must be accompanied by store receipt. For Mail Orders, Please contact us via Email - We are a very small business and there may be only one person in the store to handle both the counter and telephones. Please allow up to 30 days (same time frame as customer returns) for Refunds via PayPal as we do refunds in batch mode. For our customer's safety, No returns can be accepted for bulk herbs..

Prices and products within this web site are subject to change without notice.

Orders may be placed by phone during store hours (Pacific Time zone):

Dandelion's Hours are 10:30AM to 7:00PM Daily.

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