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Class # 116
Class Title Simple Home Remedies: Plant ID, Wildcrafting, & Medicine Making Intensives
Instructor Crystal Hamby
Details Do you wonder how to properly identify plants growing out your front door, in your neighborhood, or out in the surrounding woodlands? Are you curious about the medicinal properties of some local herbs that you keep running into? Do you ever wonder how to make your own herbal medicine? These herbal intensive are designed to introduce students to recognizing and wild crafting native plant species in the Seattle area. The intensives will include exploring two different ecosystems that offer varying flora in which students will learn about plant identification, ethical and sustainable wild crafting, and in field medicine making. Come explore your environment and learn about the wondrous herbs it has to offer!

Seward Park Intensive: June 13th, 12-4pm, $75
We will meet in front of the pottery studio in Seward Park and will proceed from there. Students should bring a lunch and will be instructed on materials to bring for their medicine making needs.

St. Edwards State Park Intensive: August 15th, 12-4pm, $75
We will meet in the Bastyr University gardens and proceed from there. Students should bring a lunch and will be instructed on materials to bring for their medicine making needs.

Registration is limited. Payment is due in full at time of registration and is non-refundable.

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Fee $75 each class
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Class # 109
Class Title Professional Herbalist Certificate Course
Instructor Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa is the course creator. The course will be taught by a select and highly qualified staff of teachers from IIEI

This course prepares students to pass the entrance examination for membership in the professional association for herbalists, the American Herbalists Guild.
Herbal Medicine is gaining interest and popularity across the country. Consumer demand for more information and qualified practitioners in the field is growing at a very rapid pace. K.P. Khalsa, D.N.-C., has developed this professional level training course to meet these growing needs. This program draws from the wisdom and experience of traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and European and Native Herbalism. It is a nine month training program and is structured into three conveniently scheduled modules. Each module is scheduled for three weekends throughout the quarter. It is focused on gaining knowledge about the different herbs, their use and the traditions from which they come. Previous herbal experience is helpful. Modules are not necessarily sequential. You can start the program with any module, and they can be taken in any order.

Fall Module: Modern Phytotherapy, Herbal Classification, Remedy Selection and Dose, Materia Medica, Digestive System, Preparations I, Herbal Literature, Introduction to Energetics, Plant Chemistry I, Cardiovascular System, Ayurvedic Herbs I, Chinese Herbs I, Integrative Healing I.

Winter Module: Materia Medica, Respiratory System, Preparations II, Nervous System/Eye, Plant Chemistry II, Urinary System, Ayurvedic Herbs II, Chinese Herbs II, Integrative Healing II.

Spring Module: Materia Medica, Reproductive System, Preparations III, Musculoskeletal System, Skin/Topical Therapies, Plant Chemistry III, Immune System, Endocrine System, Young and Elderly, Ayurvedic Herbs III, Chinese Herbs III, Integrative Healing III, Case Management


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Times Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5:30pm
Fee $725 per quarter. Includes extensive digital class materials - Early bird discount deadline: $675

The deposit is $200. Please make out the check to "KP Khalsa"
Herbalist College contact information: (541) 242 3314
*All fees and tuition paid are nonrefundable if the class takes place*

NOTE: Please contact International Integrative Education Institute directly with your questions about classes, content, and space availability.

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Class Location: Dandelion Botanical Company Classroom at 5424 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle WA. Second Floor.
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Please note: Class dates and times are subject to change due to classroom/instructor availability, natural disasters, my confusion and other such things beyond our control.

For information on offering classes, seminars, workshops etc. in this space please contact us (see link above). Our general guidelines are that the class fit in with with our health-oriented views, that you can demonstrate knowledge in the subject, and the usual caveats about legality and ethics :)

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