July 2006 Artwalk

Artist: John Berry "connecting with nature"

"these are paintings made for the most part with natural pigments, oxides, and i combine them with my recipies, in waterbased media and sealers and mediums. i like to make a minimal gold leaf frame to set off the work, only recently have i been making figures, previously i wished to eliminate the hand of mankind in my work.

my work is based on observations of the natural world and people, really observing, and working with the observations. i am not sure at times if i am making artwork or an icon. unintentionally, the closest ideas that i found to defining the realization of my horizon series, is the buddhist concept of shabava, the place of infinite possibilities, more associated with the feminine bringing into being, also upon considering, there is the influence of carlos castenada's early writings. the horizons function very well as alter pieces.

i hope that you enjoy your stay with the work."

john berry, helsinki 2006



horizon 4





horizon 2