April 2007 Artwalk

Artist: T. E. Trimbath

“My books and photos are the products of my curiosity and my search for insights into our world, or at least my world. We live in a fascinating place and time; and whether that is for a reason, or just by chance, such a life is amazingly rich with experiences and connections. The best way to feel the sense the world is to be active enough to get out into it, and quiet enough to be able to observe it. And, one point of view is not enough. Our world is better for every point of view that gets understood and added to the story of how we should live and care for the planet.”

Tom is the author of four books, all of which were self-published through iUniverse, a print-on-demand press. His first book, Just Keep Pedaling, is a mix of a cultural essay and travelogue based on bicycling from north of Seattle (Roche Harbor) to south of Miami (Key West). The next three are a series of nature essays. Each book describes the year-round story of one lake in the Cascades: Twelve Months at Barclay Lake on the wet west side, Twelve Months at Lake Valhalla up on the high divide, and Twelve Months at Merritt Lake over on the dry, east side. All are available at local stores, the library, and online. The photos can be viewed and purchased via www.trimbathcreative.com and trimbathcreative.smugmug.com

Lake Water


Abstract Ice

Devil's Club

Snow Framed Tree