January 2006 Artwalk

Artist: Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin

The original paintings, sculpture, and jewelry of Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin are created with joy. It is the artist's desire to express a moment of peace and beauty that will enrich the life and environment of your home, office, or body. His art is inspired and flows from the sacred meditational space of the transcendental archetypal symbols of Christianity, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism as well as the shamanistic practices of the world's perennial philosophies.

Born, raised, and currently living in Seattle, the artist takes extensive retreats into the wilderness areas of the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Honshin also writes poetry encompassing spiritual and social issues.

Web Site - http://www.honshin.com/


Angel of Purity and Peace


Flower of Transformation in the Cave of Transmutation

Blossoms of Peace

Golden Offering